Hatha Yoga for a Healthy Back with Constantin Coeler

Healthy Body Yoga

Our habitual ways of sitting and standing, of using computers and smartphones, or of generally engaging our bodies in everyday life cause stress to our bodies and minds. As a result, many people in modern societies experience different types of pain, tension or a general lack of energy. If you are experiencing tension in the back, then this is your body´s way of telling you, that it needs something, or that something should change, if you want to be healthy and energetic.

You are only as young and healthy as your spine!

What I want to offer in this program, is a way to help you release some of that stress and tension to help you feel happy in your body by focusing on the neck, shoulders, hips, upper and lower back. The way we treat our bodies matters, and I want to give you all the tools you need to take care of your body. So, if you are experiencing some type of tension in the back or if you are just interested in preventative care, I kindly invite you to join my class (in English).

If you are experiencing any acute pain, or if you have suffered recent damage to your spine though, please see a doctor before and ask whether you are fit to participate.

I am not qualified to teach pregnant women and will not except pregnant students because of this. The same goes for elderly people, so the age group is 18-49.

Starting the course is possible at any time and it is also suitable for yoga beginners. If you have any questions, please either send an e-mail to mail@atelierinneremitte.at or simply call +43 (0) 699 181 031 74.